Acupuncture Pressure for Digital Eye Strain

Practice Makes Perfect: Find the Point and Stimulate It!

  • Most computer users suffer from eye strain at some point in time, labeled Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).
  • Headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, neck, and shoulder pains are common symptoms of CVS.
  • Digital screens are not as precise in contrast to printed word documents.
  • Computer screen resolution is ten times less than the human eye’s ability to view contrast, which results in changes in focus, causing eye strain.
  • The Chinese government promoted acupuncture and self-acupressure for vision correction to reduce eye stress and improve eyesight.


Stimulate 太陽 Urinary Bladder One

The Chinese name means bright eyes.

This point reduces eye redness, strains, itching, and blurry vision.

Make a loose fist with the thumbs extended.

Press the thumbs on the boney area in the inner corner of the eye just above the tear duct.

Push together and slightly upward. Do not press the eye itself and start very gently.

Stimulate 太陽 Stomach Two

The Chinese name is Sibai, which means the four whites (clears redness).

The location is on the lower border of the eye socket below the pupil. (Bony part of the eye socket).

This point is useful for eyelid twitching, painful, itching eyes, and excessive tearing.

Use the pointer finger with the closed hand resting on the chin to stimulate the point.

The point is on the bone, not in the eye socket.

Stimulate太陽 Taiyang Extraordinary Point

The Chinese name is Tai Yang, which means the great sun (better clarity).

The location is in the depression just outside of the outer corner of the eye (On each temple).

This point is useful for headaches, red eye, photophobia, and visual acuity.

Making a fist with each hand and using the second knuckle of the pointer finger push on the temple depression.

Applying pressure to the spot should not cause sharp pain.

Stimulate 風池 Gallbladder 20

The Chinese name is Feng Qi, which means the wind pool (eliminates twitching).

The point is in a depression behind the external ear at the level of the ear canal.

Pressure on this point lessens neck, shoulders, and upper back pain, and stiffness. Pressure here will also lower muscle tension in the neck.

The point is stimulated using the middle finger on each side of the neck and pushing slightly together and back.

This point will likely be sore.

You may feel the sensation of pressure at the top of the head.

Stimulating the Muscles and Increasing Circulation in the Face

Face rubbing as an added activity.

Rub your face with your hand mimicking a dry face wash. Include your forehead, cheeks, and your chin.

Perform this for 20 seconds.


Eye strain will be reduced, vision should be clearer, and the neck and head more relaxed at the end of this exercise. Going back to work will be more productive. Repeat the technique if eye stress returns. Increase the duration of the pressure and face washing for stronger results.  Reducing digital eye strain will make life and work less stressful. 

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