Drinks are Flowing in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Supreme Court Opens the State

May 14, the bars and restaurants were packed yesterday. The Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the “Safer at Home” order. The order effectively closed all bars and restaurants, as well as non-essential businesses. The court order pits the republican legislature against the democratic governor. The court order mandated that the legislature’s rulemaking committee must approve future orders.

In a 4-3 vote on Wednesday, the court ruled to strike down the orders with conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn dissenting.

Andrea Palm, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services secretary, issued the order and republican state lawmakers have been pushing to relax restrictions and take a more regional approach for stay-at-home orders over the last weeks.

According to the ruling, Palm broke state law when she issued an April 16 “Safer at Home” order that prohibited Wisconsin residents from leaving their homes unless it was essential.

The decision indicated, “That order was ruled to be “unlawful, invalid, and unenforceable.”

The restrictions “Safer at Home” order was set to expire on May 26 and followed the state’s original stay-at-home orders implemented in March.

The cities of Madison and Milwaukee have issued orders to keep the “Safer at Home” orders in place.

Click Here for the Supreme Court Decision

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