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The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine is Open

The summer quarter begins on  June 27

Online Classroom Instruction / Online Telemedicine Consults

In the abundance of caution, The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM) has moved all lecture courses and clinical internships for all programs temporarily online beginning March 28, 2020.

The College has sufficient dedicated personnel to manage the online course offerings. All classes are presented within the Canvas LMS and use Zoom and Gotomeeting platforms for course delivery. Each faculty member is assigned a tech-based teaching assistant who is on-line during the class meeting time. 

The College uses the Examsoft internet platform for assessments. The change to all on-line assessments means the student doesn’t need to come to the College to take tests. Security measures within Examsoft assure examination integrity and student privacy.

Each student receives a unique password to access examinations securely. Students receive a password at the time of the test to begin their exams. This system allows for test-taking maintaining social distancing. After the test, students can review their scores. Free tutoring by phone or internet is available on Tuesday afternoons or by appointment.

The Examsoft test-taking platform is easy to use with technical support through an 800 number. It works on all PCs, Macs, and iPads.

Telemedicine / Grand Rounds

The goals of the online internship are to:

Introduce, refine, and apply the Chinese medicine skills of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning.

Bring the intern’s knowledge to bear on synthesizing a treatment strategy based upon the level of expertise during each phase of the internship.

Gain the necessary skills and understanding to conduct Chinese medicine telemedicine consults in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Logically and ethically impart healing and health improvement for the patients participating in the online internship.

Grand Rounds Mindmaps

The online internship includes the use of clinical presentation mindmaps using the Mindmeister platform. Interns and supervisors discuss many of the disease presentations which a live clinic could expect. This exciting presentation challenges the interns by using the chat room to support the live clinical case presentations.

Sample Mindmap of Ulcerative Colitis

Case Review of Actual MCOM Patients

A select number of patient cases have been selected for the interns to review during this clinical time. These are common but very interesting disease and Zangfu syndromes. The interns discuss and make recommendations for changes. There is a presentation of what-if scenarios. There is a discussion of Chinese herbal formulations and their modifications appropriate to the case study. This discussion is a review of nutritional supplementation, dietary changes that may impact the case, and specific meditations to aid in the healing process.

True Telemedicine Consults

MCOM is using two HIPPA compliant telemedicine platforms for live patient consults. These are and A unique checklist, SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Procedure) note, and an online teleconsent form are used to document the online visit.

The goal of this portion of the internship is to train our senior interns to be able to successfully practice telemedicine. The new normal in medicine will require all practitioners to be proficient in offering online consultation.

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