The Re-Open Illinois Plan

The Governor of Illinois has proposed a plan to reopen the state in phases by region. This plan has sparked criticism from many business and trade organizations.

“Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced Tuesday a five-phase plan to get Illinois reopened as the COVID-19 pandemic slows its toll on health care providers. The plan, from “Rapid Spread” to “Illinois Restored,” splits the state up into regions and allows each region to open a different phase should the impact of the pandemic be different throughout the state. The plan also emphasizes that a region can move backward if the health metrics indicate enough risk.” excerpted from

Read the plan, Click Here to download the plan.

“He has been criticized over his stay-at-home order, with residents and state lawmakers filing lawsuits over the order. The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board on Wednesday wrote that Pritzker is “being more than just cautious, he’s moved the goalposts” with his reopening plans and said they did not want the governor’s “pursuit of the perfect outcome to unnecessarily delay the restarting of activities.” Asked about the editorial, Pritzker told Tapper: “I think the Editorial Board of the Chicago Tribune didn’t read the plan.”

“We’re still going to have to socially distance,” he said after mentioning the phases of his plan. “The truth is that coronavirus is still out there. … And so we all are going to have to change the way we do things until we’re able to eradicate it.”
“If the Chicago Tribune thinks that everything will go back to completely normal without us having a very effective treatment or a vaccine, they’re just dead wrong,” he said.
Illinois has the fourth-most coronavirus cases in the country, with more than 76,000 confirmed cases and at least 3,300 deaths, according to the latest tally by Johns Hopkins University.” excerpted from:

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